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The resume is the first impression that a company has any candidate for Office. It is a tool that reflects the labour past, achievements and a candidate’s professional profile. Nowadays, endless records, records of all studies performed and numerous letters of recommendation are not the priority. Step to a sheet of life based on factors such as simplicity, clarity, precision and brevity is progressively hado. In practical terms, a resume should contain information of character personal, educational, occupational and socio-familial. An instrument that shows is what has been the work experience and academic training, in addition to reflect professional interests or projections. To take into account… Broadly speaking, the resume is a basic tool used by businesses to perform searches of staff and, later, start selection processes.

Don’t forget that, somehow, success in the achievement of work is determined by the quality, loyalty and accuracy of the information contained in the curriculum. However, don’t forget that market mobility, staff turnover and, in particular, the available job offers are decisive and mark the hiring guidelines. With the objective of maximizing their employment opportunities, elempleo.com gives you some tips for structuring a more complete resume. Personal information these data are key, because if a company is interested in your profile contact information to take as a basis. It is recommended to update them periodically, especially if you change your residence or place of work.

When you define your wage aspiration specify how much is the remuneration that expects to receive by working in a company? You must take care when defining this variable, because it is one of the most used by companies filters to search for personal. We suggest you to analyze factors such as work experience, academic background and charges that apply. You must also analyze the behavior of the market regarding salary-bearing people of your profession or profile. Education and training this section contains information related to the training that you have received, either via routes: – Formales (undergraduate and postgraduate) – non-formal (courses, seminars, conferences, symposia or workshops, among others). Do not use abbreviations in names of academic certificates and degrees. Stipulates the institution in which they were trained. If you have studied abroad enter the full name of the University, as well as the city and the country where it did. Also specify the dates of entry and completion of each program. If you have not finished remember to update the information when you have finished studying them. In the domain of foreign languages to be as honest as possible. Some organizations have the mastery of other languages as a criterion for selection. They can however perform tests of knowledge. The career work experience is a key factor in the search and selection of personnel that perform various companies. The basic information includes aspects such as the company name, phone number and industry and sector to which it belongs. It is also recommended to specify dates of entry and withdrawal, functions and work area. However, data about responsibilities and achievements are also crucial for companies, because they allow to know which activities, tasks and processes developed in each Office.

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