Electric Motor Repair

Determination and elimination of causes vibration of electric motors repair of direct and alternating current induction motors repair, rotor balancing increased dramatically reduces vibration reliability electric and above all dangerous to his bearings. Under the influence of jogging, shock from a vibrating rotor in journal bearings can be broken oil film and the come podplavlenie babbitt. In some cases, the babbitt cracks and chips. In rolling bearings quickly develop metal fatigue phenomena, cracks, potholes on the working surfaces of bearings, broken cages. From exposure to vibration can also occur bending or breaking the shaft, the rotor barrel – to break away from the shaft, to appear in the frame crack in the stator or machined lid damaged base frame and foundation.

Increased and accelerated depreciation windings. Therefore, according to "Rules of technical operation of power stations and networks" Bearing vibration motors must not exceed: speed, rev / min 3000 1 500 1.00075 million and lower vibration, mm 0.05 0.10 0.13 0.16 Vibration in excess of the norm, should be eliminated. But you need to know its prichinu.Prichinami vibrations are conventionally divided into two groups, may be next. For the first group can be identify the following causes: Improper alignment of the electric motor with . state coupling: wear your fingers, rusks, teeth, misalignment of the holes for the fingers in the half-coupling, unbalance of the rotor hub or paltsev.Nebalans driven machine, particularly frequent in smoke exhausts and fan bearings due to wear lopatok.Defekt mehanizma.Defekty driven foundation and base frame: the destruction of concrete oil, welding on the cliff edges of the frame rigidity, poor motor mount to the frame after alignment, etc.

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