EMail Marketing

What metrics are important for your newsletter campaign figures themselves, have something magical in itself. An importance often in particular statistics – often unfortunately wrongly. Random findings are estimates. Estimates, assumptions are and from which ‘Facts’. You are your results and results at some point other want to compare with. That’s why you need apart from inducing mistakes, some benchmarking indicators: industry metrics on the email marketing success.

This article shows you how you should deal with them. What do metrics? They will give you a general number, to which you can refer your email marketing will be not comparable to any average, since every list and each email has its unique characteristics. Industry figures only show you whether you are on the right track. If your average open rate is 40% in your industry and you reach only 10%, you know that something is going wrong. If However, you reach 70%, you know that things are fantastic. Benchmark measures help you so the planning.

If you have no way to get to future estimates, you can rely on industry standards at least. Information about trends what speaks whatever against the collection and publication of metrics, identify trends (provided that the methods for the collection and calculation of the time remained constant). When opening rates increase over time in your industry and your sink, however, then you should step in. Hidden and less notes hidden insights about what works and what not, get lost often in collecting data. There is always a degree of interpretation. But you will have many factors, such as list size, segmentation, personalization etc. Anything that can help you refine your approach. As I already said, care is offered. Many of these published figures, say anything about how they were raised and where they come from. To put it briefly: the public figures were not compiled by hundreds of marketers, which all have sent the same email to the same readership. It would be so wrong to compare this 1:1 with your data. In order to get away from averages, too many numbers in email marketing to find case studies. Of course can refer this to is not 100%, but each number brings you further understand your email marketing. Ultimately, keep the news around the email marketing in mind. Especially when there is a special online marketing event or a trade fair, companies publish the results of the surveys. When you hear a relevant measure, memorize them and compare them later.

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