Emergency Landing

People turn to us, many experts of Russian companies for advice on learning and staff development. The reasons for such appeals are different – it is, and issues related to the construction of intra-system training, and organization and evaluation of staff and, of course, issues related to the conduct of trainings. Recently we had the idea to create a "bank" of questions and answers. The most common issues and dedicated to This series of articles under the title "Dialogues of the training." I am sure that these articles will help you find answers to their questions. The first part of the cycle devoted to the force, which either activates the energy of the group or reduced activity and interest of participants to work to inhibit their desire to unite. The name of this force – group dynamics: I am – a novice coach, and each training course for me – it is a new experience and new experiences.

I want to share with you their feelings about the group, with whom I worked yesterday. Previously, I conducted training sessions for sales in a pair with a colleague, and now had the opportunity to conduct training on "conflict management situations. I, of course, jumped at the chance and began to actively prepare for training. And now it's time to training. Like business as usual – got to know, I spoke about things which will work, then – according to the plan switched to Study the material and its working out in practice, upon completion of training – summed up the training, participants received feedback, except that the group throughout the study was too passive, because of what I always had to resort to a variety of workouts to "stir, shake up the participants." I got the impression that the subject simply is not interested in them and that is why, we had the whole process of pulling on their own, pushing the participants to work.

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