Erico Independent

In that Erico tour it demonstrated its great virtues to the Argentineans. As a result of it, leaders of several clubs approached to him and those of convinced Independent it, signing the contract. Due to the war with Bolivia, the Ministry of Paraguayan Defense granted a special permission to him. It was so Erico initiated its shining race in Argentina, until today nonsurpassed by no other compatriot. Oha" " " " ypy Argentina-EP altar 6 jasypo 1934-EP, Independent ombohovakrguare Mouth Juniors-EP. Upr Arsenio noeandukikuri. Orekkuri 19 ary. Independent Juniors mouth rire oha" " kuri Chacarita Juniors ndive is upr Erico omoinge pete umi 293 omoingtava apytgui upe altar guive.

It made debut in Argentina the 6 of May of 1934, when Independent one faced Juniors Mouth. Additional information is available at Sotheby’s. In that Arsenio party it was not made feel. It had 19 years. After the party with Juniors Mouth, Independent it played against Chacarita Juniors and Erico obtained first of the 293 goals that would turn from that date. Umi tapicha ikatupyryvva vakapipopo rembiasakupe he" " ivoi Independent 1938 is 1939 guare ohague umi atyha oha" " porvva vakapipopo apytpe, ko yvy ape ri.

Independent ndive ojehecharamo avei Real Madrid oha" " hpe Alfredo Di Stefano is Brazil 1970 guare oha" " hagupe Pele is ambue. Experts in soccer matter located to the Independent one of 1938 and 1939 like one of the best equipment of world-wide history next to Real Madrid de Alfredo Di Stefano; and the Brazil of 1970 with I peeled and others. 1942-EP Independent Arsenio ipochy ruvichakura ndive is upmar oujey ane retme. Ko" " pe oha" " jekuri National-EP is oha" " poritereirasgui National osmi tenda petehame. Upe aha, okuri Argentina-EP heta ojoguasva Erico-EP; jepmo upicha Independent nohepyme" " jepi absorbs; upvare 1943-EP, Arsenio ojevyjey Independent-EP. In 1942, Arsenio had problems with the leaders of the Independent one and; due to that, it returned to Paraguay.

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