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Emotions are important, because they anchor themselves sustainably in the brain. The Motto is: unique leave the competition behind. 2. provides the PR work readers value? It is clear, precise and credible out to make the benefits of the product important. The reader must feel the benefits personally as important. Emotions intensify the value propositions. Therefore: Clarify benefit and emotional show, thus to attract the reader to.

3. is the PR message memorable? So that the PR message in the mind of the reader remains, entrepreneurs to some tricks require access. Because everyone wants to set the reader, seduced him to purchase a small man in his ear. It flew over a PR text in just a few seconds. Keywords help, that is the message in memory. Equally surprising and emotions. Clear PR-texts are readable.

A clear text structure is therefore important. Good PR work is easier than you think. The consumer confidence in advertising declines. Is the hoped-for effect. Professional PR work is, however as a low-cost, effective and efficient alternative. It requires expertise in strategy, design, creativity, and text. With this mix able simply to place the company in the press. Assisted by a PR Agency, the launch succeeds even safer and faster. About Hilker Consulting Claudia Hancock leads the consulting firm Hancock consulting, specializing in strategic marketing communications for medium-sized companies. In addition, she works as a consultant, lecturer, journalist and is the author of multiple books. Hancock Consulting offers full service. The agency created marketing strategies and implement practical. Numerous marketing approaches are used: guerrilla, low-budget, permission, online marketing, viral marketing, event marketing and Public Relations. Claudia Hilker has written two Marketing books: 1) wow marketing – small budget and big impact: sell better with creative marketing ideas. BusinessVillage 2008, ISBN 978-3938358-57-3; 21.80 EUR. (2) customers win and bind: sell more through innovative marketing by Claudia Hilker, Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft; October 2007, ISBN-10: we send you 3899523571. review copies, articles or more checklists you upon request. Media contact: Hancock consulting E.k.. Claudia of Han Muller-castles-Gasse 1, 40213 Dusseldorf phone: 02 11 / 60 00 615 fax: 02 11 / 60 00 618 mobile: 01 77 / 60 57 849 Internet: E-Mail:

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