Exclusive Coverage Walls

As the foundation for interior design, each of us dreams that he was an exclusive and elegant. We begin to imagine what will be the environment, furniture, decor, textiles … But first of all need to think about the design of the walls. After all, this is one of the main components pomescheniya.Vash choice – decorative plaster on the market today finishing materials for walls are widely represented decorative plaster. With a little imagination, you can transform your walls are in a unique surface texture and different colors. An important argument in favor of the decorative plasters are their natural composition, environmental friendliness and durability. Your walls will not only cause aesthetic pleasure – decorative plaster wall surfaces will breathe, they can be easily washed and even if you want to change the color.

Decorative plaster production DecoDer, San Marco and Candis combines all these qualities. But before applying any type of plaster should prepare the surface. Wall must first be dried, cleaned of wallpaper or paint, if there are grease stains, remove them. Next – primed surface. This stage is not recommended to pass as a priming agent strengthens the very wall, improves the process of applying decorative plaster and protects it from further moisture absorption. When the surface has dried, you can proceed directly to spray shtukaturki.Sposoby Application: trowel, roller or trowel Many of the decorative plasters are applied in several layers, and the final result depends on the number of layers, the method and instrument applying plaster and grout.

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