Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike – one of the most affordable and mass simulators. Today it is used with equal success in professional rooms and houses. He was the world's first cardio. Since then, much time has passed, there were new system load changes, the ability to exercise control over the process of sensing the pulse, were used computer, the parameters of physical activity and contain built-drawn specialist training programs. What should I look for when choosing and buying a bike. 1.Sistema loading (resistance change). It may be mechanical and magnetic: – mechanical: the load depends on the tension and friction of the wheel-wheel (belt) or changes resistance brake pad is pressed against the flywheel (drum) – magnetic: the load is varied by changing the distance between flywheel and the permanent magnitami.Kazhdaya of the systems has its advantages and disadvantages: – belt simulators are inexpensive and compact – a good shoe simulate riding a race bike – smooth magnetic differ stroke, and most importantly – quiet. 2.

Weight flywheel. The greater weight of the flywheel, the smoother and more uniform rotation of the pedals (there are no so-called "failures") .3. Method for measuring heart rate during exercise. There are three main method: – Sensor "clip" on the ear (the easiest way, a large error in comparison with other sensors) – sensors on the handlebars (more accurate convenient (no wires) – kardiodatchik chest (the most accurate reading.) 4. The functionality of the computer training (number of displayed parameters, the presence of embedded software, different tests). Also, pay attention to the seat, the ability to adjust its size and shape that significantly affect the comfort of your workout.

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