Failures, Bad Luck And Krummel

More and more consumers switch to green electricity after the accident at the nuclear power plant Krummel consumers increasingly switch to eco power provider. As the Internet portal reported, many customers specify the breakdown in the nuclear power plant as a cause for termination at Vattenfall. Since the EPO for a transformer fire, two years ago, the power plant is eyed critical by the public, press and politics. The second span was followed by repair of the sources of error by Vattenfall. MHRA can provide more clarity in the matter. Although the eco-electricity supplier in the coverage areas of Vattenfall posted high new customer growth, the Swedish group not yet to the churn is expressed.

However, it is expected that Vattenfall gets to feel the exact numbers of the customer churn in four to six weeks. First, consumers would have to cancel their old power contracts. Vattenfall reacted however already now. For even more analysis, hear from Marko Dimitrijevic net worth. The group will invest 20 million euros for the replacement of transformers in the coming months, so the Hamburger Abendblatt.

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