Father Raul Feresun Cure

First of all and with the purpose to readers, leading representatives of a democracy, their right of opinion and choose or not choose to read a column, not polemicen with the lines that I will then write, I must openly declare my full Christian vocation, Catholic not fully committed and friend whose aludo in this Chronicle: I am referring to my friend the Reverend Father RAUL FERES SHALUP. I say this, because I just want to convey my feelings about this priest, who for over thirty years was the shepherd who guided the destinies of the National Sanctuary of Maipu and because not say, also of the commune, which saw parading by the parish of Nuestra Virgen del Carmen, after the departure of father Alfonso Alvarado, to a number of priests, which with some exceptions, shone without penalty or glory in the most important parish of commune. On July 17, father Raul celebrated their 50 years of priesthood with a solemn mass at the sanctuary, in which present members of their pastoral community were schoenstatt, headed by Cardinal and a comradeship dinner, offered of by a group of friends (more than 300), gathered in the auditorium of the College Alberto Widmer, who is named after the celebrated. I met Father Raul almost as soon as he arrived in the commune, being who writes, a pupil of primary school still. With the years living in Maipu, working in the commune as teacher of the Municipal school and then at the Institute of training Inacap, my closeness with the Church was giving across this bridge, which was my dear Raul cure. I say this sincerely, during my adolescence, for rebellion (heresy said my grandmother), I refused repeatedly to make my first communion despite the fact that my mother was a catechist and they paraded by my home many boys, that in Canners summer evenings, sat around my mother and listen to the Gospel, while I sweated drop fat, in the daily pichanga that armed with my neighbors in the Alberto Llona Street, opposite the Fensa, when he was still grounded.

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