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Stakeholders want to as short – and medium-term on the family – and child-friendly climate in the city, improve and ensure the participation of families in the planning process. Background information: launched was the nationwide project “Local alliances for family” in 2004 as an initiative of the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth. In 2007, there are already approximately 450 Alliance locations in the entire Federal territory. Their goal is to bring the situations of families in a wide public awareness at the local level and to develop concrete action alternatives. “Local alliances for family” take the opportunity, actors in their environment different from politics, economy, trade, and associations, as well as volunteers people together bring to promote family-related content and to initiate pilot projects. Citizens came together for the first time e. V.

on January 10, 2008, in the premises of adasoft to form a local Alliance for family. Better to link families and non-profit organizations and to strengthen the communication between the citizens, are important objectives of the Alliance actors and actors including the adasoft e. V., the local Association of the German child protection Federation and MEDIKO GmbH. Together, the Alliance players want to achieve that people in Norderstedt feel at home and live there with their families remain. As the focal point for the Norderstedter families the Alliance establishes an Alliance Office, that reached 40 hours a week. The regional TV channel Noa4 “and the regional press provide public and support the Alliance of actors among others in building a website. Family networks strengthen as many Ashley ‘ clueless ‘ not far away Hamburg work, they frequently their neighbors hardly know, have little social contacts within the city and take care as little about their direct social environment. More in city life to integrate citizens, partners and partner of Ashley ‘ clueless ‘ plan Alliance Club and family celebrations.

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