Feng Shui

To be in house so that? He uses to advantage the luck tide and to go exotic places and to know, foreign people and other cultures different you at this moment will bring many energies for. The possibility of a great party of So Paulo marriage exists, therefore it prepares myself for many emotions. Perhaps he appears a proposal of work for an international sector – expanding a business or in the sector of exportations. He canalizes this creativity that is arising to have fun itself. Different restaurants, parties and strolls will make its life to be lighter and pleasant, after all with as much running in the work you will need one you try to rest. Still on the So Paulo marriage you plan with care the trip if to live in another place.

A tourist script a little more adventurer with tracks, scaled, rafting or until a maratona for which you have trained as much time can (and they must) be carried through now. One confides for new ideas. It leaves the old one of side and it renews its mind, its wardrobe and its space. What such to give that labor detail in the closet? To make one reform in in agreement apartment the teachings of the Feng Shui. In the loving field it gives a new possibility to its old love. Ace times, is necessary to give a step stops backwards being able to advance in direction to our dreams. To pardon is an act that requires much self-knowledge and love to the next one. It does not leave small ressentimentos to intervene with the search of its happiness. It is certain of that with its high leonine force in its charm and persuasion you will go to conquer many people! In this new phase the sky is the Leonine limit! you still will have six planets helping in each movement.

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