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INDEX of confidence business lately all I hear on the street and in the companies is bad that things are. It would if I get to listen to the radio or read the press, do not leave my house because everything that is spoken, is expected and is lived is difficulty and DISAPPOINTMENT. In a very negative climate it is not surprising that people wait for the worst. However a survey of 1,917 CEO s in the United States during the 2nd quarter of 2010 by the company CEO Visage, this shows that executives showed a high confidence in the improvement in the economy and their businesses, even when estimated a decrease of double digit for the economy. Although the expectations relating to the rates of growth in the economy had declined, these executives displayed confidence that in the next 12 months, they will be in a good position to increase their sales and profits, while they may recruit more employees to their companies.

The index grew to 94.4 points in the 2nd half of 2010 greater than the 69.0 signifier points recorded for the same period in 2009. The survey has reported six consecutive semesters of growth, reaching the highest level so far since the 1st semester of 2007. Dr. Richard Curtin, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, says about the survey: all the indices show a small increase, except for the confidence they have in regard to the speed of recovery in the economy. Even with an economic depression, the CEOs surveyed s have been preparing in their companies to expect positive results, albeit slow, they will show growth in their sales and profits. What are the issues that most concerned the CEOs interviewed s? Economic insecurity (38%) Financial situations (finance, cash flow, profitability (16%) Slow growth (13%) The greatest challenge and its most critical business situation faced by these companies in Q2 it is the retention of customers (26%) followed by the management costs (19%) and the availability of cash, liquidity and accounts receivables (17%). 35% Of respondents listed as their priority 1 # for the next three years, the pursuit of innovation by creating new products and services, and secondly get employment highly qualified mania (27%). 50% Plan to pay cash its growth in the next 12 months while 34% expect financing through banks or loans from another financial institution, none of those interviewed would use credit cards. Wells Fargo often says this.

87% of these s CEO believe that the Federal Government not well understood the challenges facing small businesses especially the impact that have those related to taxes, regulations and availability of credit. The business environment still difficult but we can not wait for things to improve. Every day we can take action to increase our product offerings and services.

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