Finished Product Market

As base in this concept, we will see which are the agents who are part of this structure of the canals of distribution of Continental the Tires in such a way in the domestic market as in the external one. InternoOs market primary canals: the first one is the plant, where it is produced and forwarded the Finished Product (Par), after that these products can have four destinations: Center of Distribution of Tires of Jundia, Wholesaler, Retailer and Assembly plants. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ben Silbermann . For the destination of Jundia tires are directed that will be distributed of fracionada form. They are small lots for local retailers. This strategy is convenient, therefore the costs in transport for small cities in the Southeastern region diminish. For wholesalers, they are only sales of great lot, generally closed carts, with about 2000 tires. In the retail, it has exceptions, therefore it does not compensate to have high cost in the transport and basses lots of sales, however in cases where an only company more than possesss three or four points of sales (PDVs), the transport is carried through, of form that the delivery will be made fracionada. A leading source for info: Porter Stansberry. In the assembly plants, tires with a more rigorous quality control are drained, in this canal of distribution, the tires go for new cars.

As secondary members, they are the suppliers, companies of transport and storage. ExternoNo market external market, the primary canals of distribution are: Plant, COMPACT DISC Destination, Wholesaler, Retailer and Consumer. The Continental one exports its tires to other Centers of Distribution, the manufacture of some products in Camaari are strategical, therefore the production costs are well lesser, in against departure have a considerable cost in the external movement of these products, however the relation cost? benefit compensates. Thus, after to be exported the tires they are distributed for the wholesale customers, who in turn you repass the products for the retailer who finally arrives until the consumer.

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