First Heat Wave – Online Shops For Air Conditioning Units In The Test For compares 10 suppliers of air-conditioners in the Internet in Hamburg, June 27, 2011 short after beginning of summer comes the first heatwave of Germany already. When the Sun is burning, it can be in Office and at home quickly unbearably hot. Air conditioners are a simple and convenient solution: these mobile plants need only a power source and already reducing the room temperature comfortable values. Who would like to get cool, but buy the heavy air conditioner not in the shop, can allow online find the right model and easily deliver home. But where can I find the correct device with lowest power consumption and adequate cooling capacity at an affordable price? In May and June 2011, has tested ten online shops for air conditioners. The study shows which shops are the prices, range and service. The result: With the note 2.14, Louis is tools test winner.

“The shop is particularly in the areas of product & price” and safety “each with good results. Variety of products, payment options and service quality, Louis tools is always represented among the best shops. Just posted is all ego (2.17) behind the winner of the second place, followed by Amazon with a grade 2 fourth place goes to ComTech (2.37), fifth home appliances trade youth (2.53). “Overall, only half of the tested shops can a good” assessment score, two providers will come across a sufficiently “not beyond. Prize winner: Amazon quality winner: all ego deals for bargain hunters is once again offering the huge assortment of Amazon.

Shop best price is consistently low prices with a touch of price of 1.81 (good”)”. The test winner of Louis tools must give a price race almost defeated, but also offers a low price level. Who put special emphasis on comprehensive advice and tips service, should be looking at all ego. The shop owes its quality-win a consistently convincing performance in all test criteria. With the Quality touch 2.15 (good”) refers to the overall winners of Louis tools (2.24) and the third-placed Amazon (2.27) all ego the courts. Usability of websites upgradable secure data transfer standard overall disappointed the quality of websites in terms of user-friendliness. “Only the website by ComTech is good”, two shops are in this area with deficient “rated. While the most important information at most providers are easy to find, lacking most comparisons and consulting information. For more specific information, check out Pinterest. Who buys his air conditioner online, must generally not worry about security flaws. Secure data transfer via SSL encryption is standard now, only a shop still unencrypted transfers and devalued in this point.

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