Flat Rate Brothels – That Makes Them So Attractive!

The so-called “flat rate brothels” enjoy more and more growth, what is it? What is the new business model? In a flat rate can be brothel of lust whenever go how you want flat rate just, without having to pay more than a price defined at the beginning. You pay only the price of a unit and already you can indulge in the pleasure so often and how whatever you want. You can go brothel also his Special inclinations in a flat rate, you should contact the respective Lady details. Also unlike the nave in a brothel it can succumb several times of physical pleasure with various ladies of his choice. But in contrast to the flat-rate brothel you must reward separately each of these ladies and is also often under time pressure, which can adversely affect the potency. In a brothel most prostitutes a room and the free walk along the aisle and choose their Playmate, therefore, this particular form of the brothel has its name. Enjoy which is danger of waning potency under time pressure pay it not in Flatrate brothels. With the price of admission to obtain a day pass so to speak and can settle in the establishment period and after one hot number again regenerate for the next round.

Often also drinks at the bar are included for some rest in the entrance fee in between in the active and multiform flat rate brothel. Also for working women, a flat rate brothel differs significantly from other institutions of this type. You will be paid lump sum for a day. This is significantly better than the salaries on the street or in other types of brothel. Also in the capital, there is a flat rate brothel, as well as in several other German cities.

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