Our country is currently heavily threatened by obesity in the population. In fact, it is not only a problem with physical but also psychological consequences. The media, have been commissioned in addition, relate beauty with thinness of one person and this stereotype is carrying that many people resort to some operations to improve their physical appearance, a very common example is the so-called sleeve Gastrectomy, or gastric band, as commonly is known. Many doctors have focused on this relatively new procedure to work with the most severe cases of obese people, where expected weight loss through a system of Ajutable gastric band which will make your stomach in a smaller one without cutting it or damage it. The effect of this operation on the patient, is this may feel full and satisfied with less amount of food that normally used to eating. Followed by this, the patient loses weight quickly. This procedure offers like advantage that you don’t have many days of hospitalization, since the recovery of this operation is practically fast. Including, if necessary remove the adjustable gastric band system can be made and the stomach usually will be as it was originally.

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