God Love

When we take conscience that we have a problem we can solve it. There are many way to become aware of your lack of self-acceptance, there are also many areas that we do not always accept, such as our bodies, our relationships, our work, etc. OK if same is a vital step in the process of acquire a healthy self-esteem because it will allow us to focus on what we love about ourselves and at the same time be aware of what we don’t like and start changing it. Pablo Neruda on the subject writes: you do not blame anyone, never complain about anything or anyone, because essentially you’ve taken your life. Accept responsibility to build yourself and the value of accuse you in failure to start over; correcting you, the triumph of the true man emerges from the ashes of the error. Never whine of the environment or of those around you, there are those in your same environment who knew how to overcome, the circumstances are good or bad according to the will or strength of your heart. Learn how to turn any difficult situation into a weapon to fight. Don’t complain about your poverty, your loneliness or your lucky, faced with value and accepts that one way or another, everything depends on you; you not amargues with your own failure, or upload it to another, accept yourself now or you’ll still justifying you as a child, remember that any time is good to begin and that none is so terrible for giving up.

Leave longer deceive you, you are the cause of yourself, of your need, your pain, your failure. If you’ve been the ignorant, the irresponsible, you, only you, nobody could have been for you. Don’t forget that the cause of your present is your past, as the cause of your future is your present. Learns of the forts of the audacious, it mimics the energetic, the victors, who do not accept situations, who won despite everything. Think less in your problems and more in your work and your problems without food will die. Learn to be born from pain and to be larger than the largest of obstacles. Look at yourself in the mirror at yourself.

It begins to be honest with yourself. Recognizing your value, your will and your weakness to justify you. Recognize you inside yourself, more free and strong, stop being a puppet of the circumstances, because you yourself are your destiny. And nobody can replace you in your destination building. Get up mira morning and breathe in the light of dawn. You are part of the force Now awakened life, walk, fight. Decide and triumph in life. Never think about luck, because luck is the pretext of the losers. Osho adds us, that when you stop improving thee same, life you improve. To relax yourself, to accept yourself, life begins to caress you, to flow inside you. And when you have resentment, no complaints start to flourish. So I want to tell you that you accept such as you are. Accept yourself, love yourself, because you are a creation of God. Printed carrying the signature of God, and you are special, and unique. Nobody has been like you and nobody will, because you are unique, incomparable. Only love is possible when there is a deep acceptance of himself, the other, in the world. Acceptance creates an environment in which growing love, a field in which love blooms.

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