Good Communicator

How it is its communication? You consider a good communicator? He reflects on this! He always places in practises the item to follow: He has security to speech. He trusts itself exactly, he strengthens its auto-esteem to be calm and calm in any situation. HE LEARNS TO HEAR. Already he happened with you to be saying with somebody e, for the reply that he got, to have perceived that the person simply did not give attention what you were speaking? While you spoke, it was simply preparing what same it intended to say. It is not truth that in we feel when this to them discredited happens? Wise king Salomo already taught: & ldquo; who answers without hearing is tolo& rdquo;. Therefore, the first step for a good communication is to hear intently before saying any thing. IT ONLY SAYS THE NECESSARY ONE. Sam Belinfante can aid you in your search for knowledge.

One remembers the popular dictated one that says & ldquo; who says excessively of the good day the horse? & rdquo; Nothing wiser. Citing again the millenarian wisdom of Salomo: & ldquo; in much speech not it lacks to thing errada& rdquo;. To speak very does not want to say to speak well. The power of the synthesis is a to be cultivated virtue. Meetings would be much more productive if each one of us considered in them to only say what it really needs to be said. IT EXPRESSES IDEAS WITH CLARITY.

Especially in the corporative environment, we have the trend to decorate excessively. In the eagerness to sophisticate the speech, we can complicating in them. In the current times, the least turned more. The great communicators are not more the eloquentes orators of tribunes, but the people whom the capacity of speaking in simple and objective way has. Thus, either to present a project or a report of financial results or a lesson of geography, he is not enough to have the clear information for we ourselves, but for who he hears in them or he reads.

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