Grandpa Lenin

My head began the great immigration of 'cockroaches'. Gradually, my network is growing trade, and of Of course, income. Frankly, I would like more. But as they say, 'Soon, only the story told, but no deal is done soon …' Finally began to understand where I climbed up with their demands. There is work necessary, but still hard. You have to be the boss himself. And that we were not taught in school. For us as a child who always think up something.

And then think of myself up to you, directors itself. Horror easy! There is no one in the shoulder to be cried, no one responsible shift. And since bursting and found guilty in their slips. Was terrible as you want to complain about their partners. That's because so-and-razedakie. Do not want to work. And yet the barrel rolled forward. Do not take the product.

All they hold dear. As they can not understand that their money will save the full program. Patience my stock one must get hold of. Well, slowly, little by little began to change old approaches to solving the accumulated problems. Learn, learn, and learn how to Grandpa Lenin bequeathed to us. From time to time my former colleagues sarcastically asked, 'Well, how are your successes? " How can they understand something, it's business, but business is not built quickly. First, you need to become a person that people go after you, and then reap the fruits. And they have a figure – solid earnings, machine-room apartment. And all at once and quickly, then believe it. I here all the time to try and bursting with how much you, my dear, nibbling the granite of science in his Alma Mater, that at work to be arranged? How then stuffed cones before themselves specialists in their field feel.

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