Green Is Beautiful: New Portal For Fair Fashion Goes Online

A young online portal to do so invites news and background information on the trending topic bio mode to now to discover the world of green fashion. ( modeafFAIRe on the platform) interested now all important information to fair-trade organic fashion. So the founders, Sabine Segerer and Katharina pick up courtier, a current trend topic: according to, organic Exchange report 2009′ sales of bio textiles by worldwide increased 3.2 (2008) to $ 4.3 billion. “The need to put sustainability on the subject of fashion grows with more and more people. To know more about this subject visit Michael O’Brien. We want to show that our clothes to the people as well as nature can be fair and it really looks”, as Sabine Segerer. The modeafFAIRe Institute for Economics and Ecumenism ( also provides information from the renowned South wind available.

The Siegburger Institute conducts research for over 15 years for equitable economic relations and is considered an expert on the subject of working conditions in the textile industry. “Green Fashion” is a winning interest subject in Germany. After the “triumph of organic food” at the beginning of the 21st century with increases in turnover in the billions, the bio trend reached also the closet for about three years. Meanwhile many young German labels on the market have established itself, its own events, such as about the exhibition “THE.KEYTO”in Berlin, appeal to a broad audience.

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