Hand-carved Original Figurines From Val Gardena At Motivationsgeschenke.de

Over the centuries, wood carving from the Dolomites in the online shop of the count shipping Wurzburg transmitting 01.08.2013 – Val Gardena in the Dolomites is a popular tourist destination today. But there is a tradition, which mainly Ladin population for centuries and that makes the Valley into something special. It is the there experienced wood carving art that is taught today, even on its own school in St Ulrich, the vocational school for arts and crafts Val Gardena in training courses. Before tourism in Val Gardena was an economic factor, people lived very modestly by seasonal agriculture and forestry, hunting and possibly some fishing. The winters in this harsh climate offered to train the craftsmanship in home work and to open up a side income. The Hochwald, which concludes the Eisacktal Valley, consists mainly of Swiss stone pine. This provided the material for the wooden carvings which have been made since the 17th century.

The reddish wood is relatively soft and can be easily edited, it must be according to the For many years of course dry blow, so that any cracks in the wood. The Grodner Schnitzer were religious people, the templates were Biblical figures and saints, Nativity and father, but also use objects or toys for their figures. The manufacturing process is supported although mechanically to the creation of the blank, each sculpture is finally fine carved by hand, stained, and painted by hand. The company Graf leads shipping years original carvings of Val Gardena in their offer, which was now extended by direct reference of the known art carvings. Including not only classical depictions of wood carving art such as St George or the Jesus figure, but also appealing secular figures like the musician pair can be found. Who to want to prepare a great pleasure themselves with a such original manufactured figure, should look shipping at in the portal of the count. Company presentation count motivation gifts Motivationsgeschenke.de by count shipping was founded in 2006 and Headquartered in Wurzburg.

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