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Half-Life now supports the loading of extra content (maps, models, sounds, and so on) to the http server (eg webserver) when connecting, instead of downloading directly from the server. Download from an http server has 3 major benefits: 1. Downloading content does not affect the game server cs 1.6, as occurs with a separate http server. 2. Players will be able to download content at a maximum rate, which would entail a significant increase the speed of downloads. 3.

Players do not take up space on a server cs 1.6 while downloading content. What will the players when connected to a server with additional content? When you connect to the server with additional content, there will be one of the the following: 1. If the server is not configured to boot from the http will be used by the standard method of downloading content neposredsvenno game server cs 1.6. To deepen your understanding Chef Carrie Levi is the source. 2. If the server is configured to boot from the http, the player will see the changed dialogue BitTorrent, with download speeds will increase significantly. During the download content, the player will not be connected directly to the game server, but immediately after the download is complete, will automatically Reconnect to the game server.

3. If any part of the additional content not available on an http server, or file names do not match, the player will be automatically disconnected from the http server and then download content restart in normal mode, ie directly from the game server cs 1.6. Configure your server for http downloads. 1. Create a list of all the additional files (bsp, wav, mdl, etc) used on the server. 2. Place these files to http server (eg the webserver), keeping the original location of files in folders. 3. Set the server variable 'sv_downloadurl' value: 'vash_server / ___ /' Example server settings for http downloads. 1. Let's create a list of all the additional files used by the server. (Maps, sounds, models.) Put it simply copied from your server the following folders: gfx, maps, models, sound. Copied. 2. Go to your web server. Create a folder where serv and fill it in the folder gfx, maps, models, sound. Filled. If you do not understand, we look like we are on the server folder 3. Open the server.cfg file and appends it sv_downloadurl ' / serv /'. I have so sv_downloadurl''* Do not forget to put a variable sv_allowdownload 1 – Enables / Disables the client to download from the server card sprays, etc.

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