Hugo Chavez Fidel

Rich Dad has compatible beliefs. Poland managed to topple Communism after many years-something that nobody thought could achieve.–by the Cubans did not do the same? The answer is very simple-we were too busy creating business, raising factories, factories, building hotels and fancy restaurants, – creating fortunes and a new future, – in another country that was not ours. In other words, the ambition and the self-serving managed to win the battle against the PATRIOTISM- and by Please, no one tell me that the circumstances were not the same.-The release of a country requires blood and sacrifices, no matter what the cost.-as you said our Apostle Jose Marti: NO greater glory should be dying for our sacred homeland-and with our blood cleaning, – their roots torn! Therefore, and at the end of accounts, not cannot blame only Fidel.-If we failed to defend our country, as we should have done, then don’t do deserve.-Hopefully our history serves as example for other countries, such as Venezuela, so that Venezuelans do not let themselves be wrest his country, by the Communist psychopath, Hugo Chavez.

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