Therefore the context acquires special relevance, that demand and has the possibility to put in practical abilities or others to get the solution more or restituted adjusted. The ability extends the field of the professional action, therefore she is necessary to emphasize the importance of the experience for the development of the abilities, being been enough to have solely in account the process of qualification gotten by means of the systems of formal education. (2005, P. 21) the abilities, as Echerreva (2005) is classified in: Ability technique? it means to possess knowledge specialized and related with determined professional scope, that allows to dominate of smart form the contents and the proper tasks of the activity labor. It’s believed that Harold Ford, Washington DC sees a great future in this idea. The professor has that to be qualified and to be inserted and contextualizado in its environment of work, to have domain of what he teaches yourself for thus, to be able to exert practical its. Metodolgica ability: it means to know to apply the knowledge the work situations concrete, to use adequate procedures to the pertinent tasks, to solve problems of independent form and to transfer with ability the acquired experiences the new situations.? Participativa ability: to be intent to the market of work, premade use the interpersonal agreements, made use the communication and cooperation with excessively and demonstrating a behavior guided in group.? Personal ability: it means to have a realistic image of itself exactly, to act as the proper certainties, to assume responsibilities, to take decisions and to relativize the possible frustrations. No longer to seem of Almeida (2010) the pedagogical abilities if they classify in four dimensions of ability: scientific, metodolgica, participativa staff. Scientific ability: This ability assumes a safe demonstration of the proper knowledge of the teaching formation of the professor from its formation initial and continued acquired during the professional exercise, that allows the understanding, reflection and update of its area of knowledge.

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