Increasing Acceptance

Benefit consumers and online shops. Everyone who buys a regularly online, knows the little box in the shopping cart, in which a so-called voucher code can be entered. This reduces the final price either by a certain amount or allows the deduction of a percentage discount. There is huge demand for vouchers on the Internet. An estimate with the AdWords keyword tool provides more than 2,000,000 monthly searches for the word “Voucher” as a result. You include searches for related terms such as “Coupon” and combinations of multiple search words, you will get range values quickly in the double-digit millions. Web search interest shows that the popularity of vouchers is still unbroken, in the course of time since 2004 with ‘Insight for Search’.

Good to see is the peak demand during the festive season. Due to increasing demand, more and more online stores discover the benefits of coupons as a marketing tool to provide appropriate codes. Depending on the target, either by new customers won or tied customers. After initial reluctance, now larger providers are striving constantly to promote one or several actions with appropriate passwords. In particular the Neckermann online shop has recognized the potential of the coupon marketing. So the shop recently conducted a ‘Super-Jubilee week’, where every day a different action was advertised, up to a $11 coupon, all offered free deliveries, which enjoyed the online shoppers heart. Michael Unterberger

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