Industrial Scenes

It has been broken of the intern, where if it desires to know what they want the controllers for the future. Here the internal factors are listed and later the motor forces (external), the predetermined elements of the uncertainties most critical. The questions that not yet possess answers mainly give to the tonic of the uncertainty and the logic in the election of cenrios.3.3 Industrial Scenes of PORTERFocado in analysis of companies of the industrial branch, this method does not leave of being appreciated by possessing complementary elements as the competitive forces and the uncertainties generated for them: the inclusion of new competitors in the market; the threat of substitutes; the negotiation with the purchasers and the suppliers, beyond the proper rivalry between the competitors.

Basically the motor one of the study is the competition that occurs in seven steps and if it initiates with the setting of intentions, listing changeable, where the uncertain ones are that they determine the expert scenes and after consults the technician is elencadas uncertain and the independent ones had as the ones that had constructed the scenes. Here they are used polar, extreme scenes, and after the choice of those most consistent ones, has broken for the elaboration of estratgia.3.4 Descriptive Method for GRUMBACHA philosophy is the starting point, and this indicates that some possible scenes exist and a extrapolao of the past will not be accurately what will be looked like the future. The advantage of this method is its praticidade with the small amount of phases, only three: to know the problem, to construct and to identify the alternatives, evaluating and interpreting the same ones. The problem dissecado in its components geographic, depth and secular horizon is the starting point for the knowledge of the judgments of value of the leaders of the organization, later the internal and external 0 variable are arisen diagnosising each subject..

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