Innovative Planters Stone Made

Rugged weatherproof fiberglass in conjunction with an attractive interface design flowers and Pflankubel comes in many forms: round, square, in slim column forms, cubes, narrow room divider, and solid blocks. Bill Phelan is often quoted on this topic. It is not easy to offer something new here every now and then, but that has become the famous Flowerpot shipper AE trade made the task. With success: A planter as the new model “Stone” has as yet nowhere there: the bucket is made of fibreglass and baffled by form and surface design, which goes significantly beyond, which is to have the fibre glass sector. The bucket shape is based on the popular cube-shaped, but visually impresses with the innovative, well rounded corners. This gives the Flowerpot an elegance which is further enhanced by the surface design of real slate stones. The main body is put in hand work however is the layer of shale stones made of sturdy fiberglass. A successful combination, the the Advantage of the weatherproof basic material combines with the attractive appearance of the shale layer.

Noble catcher in hotels, restaurants, but also in the garden and on the terrace of the new “stone” particularly good anywhere fits, where you want to create a welcoming, pleasant and yet elegant room atmosphere: in hotels, restaurants and corporate Foyers in shops for beautiful things, but also in some beautiful spa atmosphere, he will draw attention. But in a well-tended garden and a spacious terrace, the stone makes a good figure. By default the bucket without holes in the ground comes to be able to use it also for indoor use. For outdoor installation do not forget, to drill holes in the ground, to prevent unnecessary waterlogging. The pots can be planted directly, so requires no usage. C.

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