Innovative Solutions

GIS Infrasite gegrundetbr / > within the framework of the industrial orientation of the two specialists GIG technology & facility management GmbH and the Infraserv GmbH & co. Hochst KG founded this April 1, 2009 the common GIS Infrasite company. The newly created industrial service provider specializes in site management and operation of industrial, chemical and industrial sites. In particular in the sectors of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology a unique service product is offered now Germany the customers. Site management and operation with GIS Infrasite stands for cost transparency and savings on high quality standards, integration of long-standing expertise and expertise in the chemical industry, especially in the GMP and FDA, as well as the support of customers as an innovation partner.

With the integration of services in producing and researching customer premises, also advise all possible interface potentials are examined and released. This can, if desired, in addition to employee buyouts and the Contracting lead up to a purchase of real estate and real estate investors partner Infrasite GIS. Torsten Hannusch, Managing Director of GIS Infrasite GmbH and the GIG, explains the special strength of the new site operator: combining the core competencies of both companies in the field of FM and infrastructure services leads to a comprehensive service package for industrial sites. Thus, even greater savings can be achieved with the customers.

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