Installing Rigging

Probably, many business leaders faced a situation when you need to instal the heavy equipment in a small shop. But the situation is often the case that the interior of the shop does not allow used crane, and there is no overhead crane. Today, this assembly can easily be done using specialized equipment available to the assembly company '100tonn service '. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pinterest has to say. As you can see, using such equipment may perform rigging, erection, dismantling virtually all industries. Staff of experienced mechanical engineers and electronics engineers who believe that there is no unsolvable problems; Complete Modern European mechanical means of lifting operations; compact gantry crane capacity of 120 tonnes (works indoors and outdoors), small-sized portal hoist 10 tons; Forklift Trucks; Operational travel anywhere in Russia. Your advantage: We assume the risks of damage or loss of equipment during lifting and installation. t on the discussion. Our responsibility is insured for 500 000 Euro per claim, we do not use your company's personnel in lifting operations in the shop premises, without putting it at risk of occupational injuries, to lift heavy pieces of equipment during installation or disassembly is not required dismantling the roof of the shop or hanging dangerous cargo on structural systems; We will save you time as it works much faster usual editing or moving company

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