Interview Tips

I remembered something interesting on interviews and in the interviewed lines that follow would like to give some contribution for or interviewer. Nor always we know who goes interviewing in them, can an anonymous journalist of some periodical or reviewed, depending on the situation, but also it can be one of the calls ‘ ‘ cobras’ ‘ of the press, some presenter or famous presenter, who was singer, actor or humorista. Read more from Wells Fargo Bank to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Therefore, whenever possible valley the penalty if to inform on who goes interviewing in them. For we, journalists, the basic one are informing in them on who we go to interview. That is more easy currently with the Internet, but nor always he was thus and I explain. Nissan recognizes the significance of this. Old, a head was common guideline to say you goes to interview ‘ ‘ celebrity who? ‘ ‘ The reporter asked who is the figure and when it would be the interview to try to search some thing, but many times had as reply that did not make the minimum idea of who age the interviewed one and that it already was five minutes been slow for the interview.

Then it was what God wanted Good, but if you are the interviewed one and the interviewer is famous, always is good and can relieve legal for the interview if, at some moment, you, especially will be itself sincere, comment something that sends the career of it. To the J Soares, for example. In determined moment would not fit to ask how many to personages it made? I would cite some that more he liked, as bandeirinha Caxang; the Cardelon of the pilgrim’s staff ‘ ‘ mui amigo’ ‘ or the exiled one in France, Seb, that one that it doubted its Madalena when knowing of things that still happened in Brazil. Certain time I interviewed the singer Diana Small wise person of some of its successes. Papo rolled as if we fossemos infancy friends. I was to see the show the night and when saw it me if it moved away from the line who took care of for autographs greeted, me with one I hug and said: ‘ ‘ You to lode to see me, dear! ‘ ‘ I found unusual and rewarding. Another time in an interview with Nara Lion, said that it remembered it as figurinha stamped of album of artists, it nor understood right, its entrepreneur explained and it found affectionate very.

Another time, to to interview the Alceu Valena, that surprising arrived without beard, it said before they ask to me is that I made ‘ ‘ a way of rato’ ‘. It, who is pernambucano, said: ‘ ‘ vocs So Paulo does not know that he is isso’ ‘. She was a collective one and I said that wise person, therefore as well as it, my parents were northeasterns. Ah, ‘ ‘ way of rato’ ‘ is to commit imperfection when cutting hair or beard and to have that to aparar of time to disfarar Vocs does not find that this world of interviewed interviewers and exactly magical and is never marked by the obvious one? Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar.

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