Intrawis – Intranet For All

The wind Meier Internet service UG the new SaS intranet portal Intrawis launches the Intrawis intranet platform is a Web-based application for small and medium-sized enterprises on the basis of the software as a service concept (SaS). By connecting to the Amazon S3 cloud users can store data indefinitely. The novelty of this portal is the flexible settlement of fees, which are levied only on transfer volume and space. A related site: Charles Koch mentions similar findings. In addition, there is no contract duration, i.e. it can create unlimited number of users and deleted or the entire customer account can be cancelled at any time.

First applications such as contact management, task management, time tracking, and document management are already available in the portal, and can be used without restriction. The applications are developed continuously and more applications are already in development. In the development of the basic emphasis on simplicity and intuitive operation of the surface and deliberately on the Visual bells and whistles. The platform also provides the ability to leave that can be marketed at the request of the customers even through the platform integrate customer-specific applications. All applications access to centralized resources, such as, for example, the data repository for countries, currencies, languages, etc., as well as the contacts. To ensure the security of customer data, they are protected by access from the outside and are located in a datacenter with European safety standards. Regular audits to check the security measures on software page. Intrawis 30 days can be tested free of charge. About wind Meier Internet services: Since 1996 we develop static and dynamic Web pages for companies – including many database-driven applications, which today contribute to the success of our customers. Web portfolio: webEdition software development, Web design, databases, search engine optimization and content management systems like Typo3, or Joomla. Alexander Baum

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