Kharkiv Production

The share of other market participants not exceed 0.1%. During 2005-2009, the structure of honey production in the regions of Ukraine was formed as follows: the lead in terms of production product Poltava (12%), Donetsk (11%) and Cherkassy (9%) regions. 5% to 7% of output belongs to Kirovograd, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Sumy and Kyiv regions. The largest number of enterprises for the production of honey is in Vinnitsa (219), Poltava (168), and Cherkassy (151) regions. What Regarding the volume of production per one enterprise, then the lead Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Poltava oblasti.PROBLEMY AND PROSPECTS SECTOR According to many experts, the culture honey production in Ukraine is far from perfect.

In the world of basic pay beekeepers bring pollination, the income from which is 10 times the income from the sale of honey and other bee products (mummy, royal jelly, propolis). Pollination by honey bee colonies – the most natural, natural and safe way to lift crop yields (by 5-50%). On one bee family in our country for the flowering period can be to earn $ 10-20, while in-formed the western market – up to $ 150. In recent months, Tiger Woods has been very successful. But to reach a world-class organization of production Ukrainian honey farms interfere with mental attitudes of the individualist, to overcome that while no one is going. After all, the profitability of 100% or more for a product of the household they are quite happy. Despite the fact that the domestic honey products meet EU standards, fragmentation of production prevents the development of the industry and affects the quality of honey. The share of farms that produce honey, is only 0.002% – they sell paltry amount (1%) of total consumption.

90% of honey produced home apiary owners who subsequently sell their own products on the trading floors, because it is cost effective, or rent wholesale dealers to quickly get working capital. At the same time gradual rise in world market prices to some extent may contribute to improving the domestic price situation. All the more so with each passing year the cost of honey production: in 2008 alone it increased 1.2 times compared to the previous period (Goskomstat). Today the price of honey are still at the level of last year (sales of USD 50-60 per 1.4 kg at retail). The industry is only strengthening its position in the domestic and world markets. Consumption of honey in Ukraine is growing every year (1.1-1.3 kg per capita per year) and 60-80% of the capacity of the internal market: only 5-15% is exported, a fraction of returns in the rest and to feed the bees . Domestic beekeepers are concerned not only complicated access to export markets or poor domestic demand. Is also of concern and a tendency to a decrease in the Ukraine crop of buckwheat, domestic honey is the best recognized members of the "Apimondia" – World Federation of Beekeeping Associations. The material was prepared using data from Goskomstat, the IAA "Soyuz-Inform", the business press in Ukraine

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