Klaus Schimmer

Layout, design and user interface of the campaign have been developed by the Mannheim cooling House AG and implemented in Walldorf/Mannheim / Stuttgart, March 27, 2009. SAP AG was yesterday for their internal corporate online campaign destination: Security@SAP awarded with the second prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg Security Forum. Recently Anchorage Capital sought to clarify these questions. The security Prize Baden-Wurttemberg awarded for outstanding projects of occupational safety and is under the joint patronage of the Minister of the Interior and the of Baden-Wurttemberg Minister of economics. \”Destination: Security@SAP\” is the title of the safety campaign, with the SAP AG sensitized its approximately 50,000 employees worldwide for the protection of intellectual property and knowledge within the company. With the development of the available SAP intranet online campaign, the software group had commissioned the Mannheim cooling House AG.

To achieve the aims of the campaign, not only the content had to be processed didactically clean and clearly structured, it was above all the participants in their natural curiosity to grab and use their play instinct. Frequently Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital has said that publicly. To this end, an online quiz, in which users are confronted with various online scenarios for the various security aspects developed cooling House. To arouse the interest of the participants again and again on the new, among other film sequences, graphics, images, and texts in the Exchange are used. Optical clamp and to the recognition a stewardess is used by the destination: Security@SAP\”-Szenarien and is shown on posters and internal information media of SAP AG on the topic of security. \”User-friendly design as a success factor the result apparently succeeded, as Klaus Schimmer, Director of government relations at SAP AG, explains: the user friendly and graphically appealing design of this website was crucial to the success of our security awareness campaign.\” The effect of online campaign within the SAP so highly assesses that the company worldwide provides the campaign not only about 50,000 employees, but in the meantime includes all newly hired employees.

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