Latin America

When we listened to commentaries on the education in some country of the South hemisphere of the planet, and especially in Latin America, we will find critics to the professors almost always. But we must observe that many of the critics that are sent to the air do not have sustenance and lack all legal justice. Therefore the critics always must serve to improve, consequently a positive push to the education in that place can be given. One of the complex problems which we must take care of to give solution is indeed the urgent necessity to educate, still more when in primary the basic level in addition we must form. And this is poruqe the different stages in that our society has been changing, also has produced a rupture in the continuous formation and needs that the family parents we must give to our children and daughters. The necessity to better work by an economic entrance and major, is separated of the parents its moral and legal to offer to its descendants a solid formation and total obligation of values. Which notices in the classrooms when students and students show to conducts and landlords of indiscipline, to more than one ” lack of appetite estudiantil”.

Where they were those teachers of the home? If the political situation in each country sample that each governor and respective party precise to place ” su” government plan, does not stop taking into account the educative scope, and is so we suffer continuously of changes in the educative policy of the country in which we lived. The educative approaches that often present/display these plans of gobierrno do not reflect a reality nor necessity raise as them. They do not respond to a diagnosis nor true analysis of our country. And it entails to a wastefulness of money of the coffers of the State for ” imponer” often obsolete models, other regressive times, another disorientating of the national and regional reality; and all why, because they are gajes of ” agreements and acuerdos” that our governors realise with other countries and/or powers of the orb. The lamentable thing is that as much the professors as the students and students are those that ” must; pagar” with these changes and still more dramatic one becomes when we thought that they (the prvulos) are in the heat of formation process. Then, to say that the educative plans must follow per decades, would be something expectable and less detrimental, since each government remains around five years and every one (governing) changes to these plans according to his ” I interest partidarios”. We must foment that the educative legislation it contemplates a concientious analysis of the diagnosis obtained in our land and not of other places, where becomes evident that they have been successful when implanting it, but that do not make here but down bring the work carried out by the educational ones in the classrooms.

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