Loving Expressions

The problem in the figurative language, is that there is always doubt and a repentant say didn’t mean that, but meanwhile I paraphrase, and meanwhile deny the undeniable, doubt persists. But that is the question? The question is for me, the mysterious suspension of time, by the collusion of an astralmente high language and the cold of an elusive night. In that maliciously tangled and deliciously conjugate language by which the desperate or the lover looks hopelessly attracted, I can say two things: the first is: If the truth of our wishes, desires, dreams and discontents, primary first and foremost, a friendly or loving relationship, not would be complicated, serious question of communication, they would cease to exist these enormous walls that divide the human being because of speculationthe misunderstandings, and the penalty does not understand the other, all for not listening and not let me listen. The second: a friendly or loving, not serious relationship so intense and enduring, if not we occasionally using a delicate and effusive words to alleviate the the sadness, loneliness or to stir up passions that we all carry within. Definitely full of melodic phrases, dotted with hallucinogenic words, language are necessary to stoke passions, what is not necessary is that they have to be false. If you want to learn more of this, and many more interesting topics visit: original author and source of the article.

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