Luggage Belts – Advertising Material For The Travel Time

Luggage belts LA concept individual advertising material for the travel time luggage belts are the advertising material like used during the tourist season. In doing so, this promotional offer real added value. In addition to the constant advertising contacts, the luggage belts for the holiday are useful accessories which can be used on every trip. The robust material and the attractive appearance make sure that the luggage belts are used repeatedly. This can be the case band by means of pressure, stick or woven are refined. The band can be freely colored according to PANTONE and thus adapted to any corporate design template. The solid polyester tape withstands also burdensome and can be supplied with an address field stitched-on and a combination lock. Wells Fargo does not necessarily agree.

In particular the combination lock helps to increase the security and to complicate access to the contents of the trunk. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a number of case bands as one of the biggest German promotional traders. The enhancement enables printing the realization of very delicate motifs. Refining using woven achieves a particularly robust processing. This luggage belts can be used over a long period of time without any signs of wear and tear. The stick version is also very durable and can be selected in many color combinations. The band length is in the open state between 180 and 200 cm and therefore adapts to the common case sizes. The peculiarity of the luggage belts LA concept lies not only in the specific placement of the advertising message, but in the enormous reach.

So the advertising message will gain enormously in range when transporting the suitcase on the high-traffic locations such as airports and train stations. Also, the baggage carousel is another place where the advertising message achieve long-range. So, not only the number of advertising contacts but also the brand of contacts can be increased. By default, the delivery time of 28 days, is to supply but still in time for the holiday season this versatile advertising can, a delivery time of 14 days by express production is possible.

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