Manaflask Webguidez

The world famous world of Warcraft guilds Ensidia and for the think Horde marketing their website in experienced hands Berlin 11.01.2011. Play in the absolute world class and have success success lined the speech is from two of the best and most popular WoW guilds: the internationally positioned Ensidia, as well as the German top Guild for the Horde. Their joint website Manaflask”is exclusively marketed by Webguidez Entertainment GmbH from 01.Februar 2011. Already for many years, the Berlin company successfully operates the entertainment portal, as well as a variety of other gaming sites – including the existing since the year 2001 and editorially best well-kept WoW fan page in German-speaking countries: Ensidia spokesman and Manaflask founder Hans Christian Durr: looking for a competent partner for the marketing of Manaflask and the best monetization of our Web and video traffic, I am very pleased, that we have with the Webguidez Entertainment GmbH a service provider with years of experience and a very interesting portfolio could win for us. Gamona marketing team convinced us for years by her excellent skills in sales, and these will pay off well for Manaflask. I am personally even more pleased that I me from February this year full-time operations of Manaflask can examine in the offices of Webguidez Entertainment GmbH in Berlin. I want to bring my experience that I gained during my activities at the Global Group AG and AdScale GmbH, now reinforced with. I am looking forward to an exciting time and I’m sure that we will use the existing synergies across projects optimally.

Garry Lall, Managing Director of Webguidez Entertainment GmbH: Through the marketing nickname of we succeeded, to dock at the big world of Warcraft scene. Ensidia and for the set Horde for years the Guild and RAID events in Germany, but also internationally. We are proud and happy that the leaders of the guilds trust in our company and our experience.

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