Market Agency

Terms of complete confidentiality are achievable only if you sign an exclusive contract agency. Save time and reduce unnecessary contact with the recruitment How many hours developing the days, weeks, months, require the employee conducting the selection of a specialist at meeting telephone conversations and correspondence with the agency, reading, duplicating each other’s resumes? A lot! And there is no guarantee that all costs of time and effort do not appear vain. And since the time – it’s money, it is reasonable save, entrusting everything related to the search required you to a specialist staffing agency. The specialists of our agency, acting on the turned technologies to deal with them quickly and successfully. Advanced Marketing HR Market Op technologies, expertise and highly professional training of employees enables recruiters to our agency to review your job: market expectations, relationship existing similar offers from other employers and potential applicants an adequate level of qualification, the real level of income required by professionals, not average salary expectations of a summary open to public resources. Such a detailed marketing allows you to realistically assess your position and determine the best ways to find specialists that will make a lot of work that is associated with increased costs effort and time recruiter.

The optimal plan for staff recruitment plan is drawn up following the search and selection process begins. Before you provide the customer with candidates actually meet the desired requirements, the recruiter scans a large number of candidates who meet these requirements is formally being in work for 10-12 hours, including evening and morning hours, on weekends to catch the candidate at home..

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