Market And Their Motivations

Market and their motivations: it is common to observe the motivations that drive individuals to try to enter, either individually or forming a group or association, to what is usually called, in a way somewhat, Ethereal, market. Usually this impulse arises when there are opportunities to do good business, by comparing bids and bidders, the variety of products offered, prices and costs, possible origins, potential consumers of such products, and above all, the margins of profitability that can be removed. All of this is seen from the context of the possibility of obtaining short-term results with the lowest possible margin of risk, whereas, as a primary strategy of survival, evasion of any tax liability. This way of operating, usually in certain regions, notably those located in border areas, the modus operandi, anyone who sits down with capacity, resources and contacts, to start a business. Vertigo understands that this is vital information. The goal, obviously, is not other than the power pull the network in that somewhat blustery sea, and extract it to the same, everything what is illuminated, without providing for or considered, at all, share some portion of these revenues, with the rest of society, through the payment of taxation which regulates the exploitation of this activity. This is the germ that nourishes the constant escalation of what is often called the Informal market in which are handled very specific codes in greater impunity, protected by the blind eye and because not, always avid for those pockets that have grown in the environment of corruption and the arrangement. The market offers opportunities but also requires certain obligations, you have placed to think about are the ones and the others? With the healthy purpose of guiding those who feel able to mount a small, medium or large company, respecting the principles that regulate the business activity, especially as regards social responsibility, which is assumed, every time that we intend to extract, margins of profitability. .

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