Market Online Conferences

Market online conferences – mainly, b2b-market. But these services can be claimed and b2c. This refers to himself as a commodity service – a functional use in business-to-customer is already quite successful. From this perspective, some Papers on "RIF + CIB 2010" may be useful to more clearly delineate the area of application. For example, Anna Karaulov (MediGuru) highlighted the behavior patterns of users of blogs.

Of which, according to the report, "Internet Numbers" by Sergey Plugotarenko (ROCIT) and Alexey Belyaev (ATSVI), registered in runet 15 million on the classification MediGuru, users are divided into five behavioral groups. In short, those who are looking for: 1. meet new people, 2. communication 3. familiar people, 4. information, and the 5th is not searching, and found – professional bloggers. Groups 1 and 2 – Web conferencing services are not needed.

At this stage of development of the Internet are actively exploring social networks, are quite satisfied. It is clear that they are willing to use of online broadcasting as an additional functionality, but not enough to pay for it. Number 3 is not so much interested in communication, as well studying the activity of people known to them. Again, blogs and social networks perfectly meet their needs. The most interesting service for webcasts – the latter two groups. Some are looking for information, which can not hope to obtain from other sources, while others provide it. People-the media, as yet called professional bloggers are active in the diaries on one or two specific topics, do their own PR and promotion. They have a great impact on the "hunters" for alternative information and try it influence strengthened. Services Internet broadcast, allowing to build an interactive mode of communication face-to-face, as a specific person, and with the vast audience that may be helpful. These features allow the leaders effectively influence the opinion of the Central Organ, learn, get back a response. For professional bloggers diaries have long turned a hobby and has become a major source of income. Therefore, they are willing to pay for new functionality to this same income to increase. How many of these potential buyers? According to estimates of participants – about 10% of the active audience you'll ever need. That is, with very rough estimate, this figure varies between one and a half million. Is it much or little – each decides for himself 🙂 (c) COMDI

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