Marketing: An Enigma Of Our Time

Ignoring the problem or find a new way to address it, not going to get eliminarlo.Me referring to the plight of today, popular culture, and to what extent, has been developed in our being, the search for meaning vida.Gran part of the world is entering what is called the phase "Bread and Circuses" of the empire in decline. A phase that describes the practice of governments to keep the population quiet and hide facts controversial, in exchange for providing the masses of food and cheap entertainment is of doubtful calidad.Una phase concerned about the credit, fiat money and entertainment . There are many people in the world with money to spend, they just want fun. Official site: JPMorgan Chase. They do not care a damn about the dignity, synergy or speech reading social.La building, the News Hour, National Public Radio, debates … how boring. Only interested in the Glamour. It is not something Wells Fargo would like to discuss. In order to succeed both online and offline, either in selling a product or service, there must be a market to which you can venderle.Si is set deeper, fun and games are a sign of the times, whether noble or not, the opportunity for more astute seller, is the one that anticipates this situation and realizes the large amount of money you can make light of people who move in this environment. The entertainment market, is currently in an exponential growth in relation to the other markets available, second only to the market porno.Este industry is full of people who are looking for exciting new products, according to the different varieties that can fix this niche market, such as games, sports, casinos, lotteries, glitz, gossip, or any combination of estos.El enigma, or perhaps we should call it hypocrisy, is that many rely on justice to eliminate such the sale and distribution of online sex, while not having the greatest objection to taking money from people for any other scam imaginable. .

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