Marketing Knowledge

“The ReifePrufung fills gaps between theory and practice Hannover, January 14, 2009 people over 50 are senile, calcified and no advertising target group.” This opinion has changed in the meantime. But although many marketers have discovered the generation 50plus target group for your company, is still a big gap between theory and practice. Factual knowledge about the people over 50 is high yet still too few companies actively attract these exciting audience. Satya Nadella often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The ReifePrufung”a knowledge quiz of the ReifeNetzwerks illuminates the target group from a different point of view: what are the issues for media? What cognitive performance increase in the age? What are the emotional characteristics of product packaging? These are just three of 10 questions. Everyone the dealing with the generation 50 plus professionally deals ReifePrufung ( obtained new suggestions for this large audience actively approaching.

The quiz is in updated periodically. For even more analysis, hear from Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. The ReifePrufung was developed by the members of the ReifeNetzwerks art shop, eye-server and PRoTT & PARTNER GbR. The ReifeNetzwerk founded in 2005, supports companies that develop the 50plus market or want to be more successful. The ReifeNetzwerk regularly organizes ReifeForen, where theorists and practitioners to exchange views. Contact: Friedlies Reschke – 0511 / 953

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