Marketing Managers

"People are hired for their knowledge and they were dismissed by their behavior," This sentence is not mine. It belongs to Martha Alles, Argentina consultant has achieved renown with the "Management Competencies." But let's get to our subject. 2 .- Bill Gates Hires Successful people is a model poorly understood is the basis of selection by powers: to replicate the successful model. It seeks to replicate the success, but the reasons are not just based on personal characteristics (Many entrepreneurs exist would not be eligible). What can not be overlooked is to be recruited and how they measure the results you get. For example, as key factors determine the success of a financial analysis or a marketing manager.

Take the case of the Marketing Manager. The first thing to do is think of resigning. Ask yourself how well to work. As you may have on hand a list of the obligations of that position, ask yourself how well it has fulfilled every obligation. By this test, you can identify "the criteria of success." Suppose you conclude that the criteria are: 1 .- To process orders for import of inputs at a maximum of thirty calendar days. 2 .- Keep the costs of purchases with a maximum deviation of 5% over the budgeted amount 3.-delegate to the staff responsible for all required tasks so as to meet the two criteria above. Once you know clearly what are the criteria for successful performance, you know how to behave the person who will cover the vacancy. That is, you expect the new Marketing Manager quickly processed orders using imported inputs than a month.

Likewise, that person should follow the procurement budget to avoid deviations greater than 5%. Finally, it must be sufficiently able to delegate to his staff all the tasks that must be filled avoiding work, which could cause the failure of the processing or the budget execution. Remember: You must ensure that measures all the work of the person and not just one party. Continue: A list of three to two with quote:

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