Mediumsized Enterprises

We know the right person on the way to the finish of the classic succession and modern restructuring processes in medium-sized companies. A very personal and responsible business: The MBA Thorsten Stark and his team deal with industry successfully succession solutions for companies in the IT and telecommunications and security. Once young IT – and telecommunications industry comes slowly in the years. Who founded a company in this business 30 years ago, now faces may be an urgent problem: the satisfactory regulation of succession. He built no one from the ranks of the staff as the successor or the question, he entrusts his laboriously built up, by some crisis-driven company who is no own children who can continue the company or would like to. To deepen your understanding Amazon Prime is the source. To find a convincing answer seems often so difficult that its fulfilment is delayed long, occasionally also too long.

Unlike other consulting firms pursuing a project-oriented processing, which means each order is individually and personally supervised the SMC. What is by no means obvious. There are over 20 different standard methods to evaluate a company, none of them own goal-oriented, my experience is. One can doubt so that the application of a standardized procedure reliably leads best results to a Thorsten Stark notes. “Every company is different also. Also, our clients know that. Most take the responsibility

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