Million Small Current Listings

Very different distribution in the Federal area within 3 months has a place at Alexa in Germany within the first 8,000 taken and worldwide within the first 200,000 of about 155 million existing domains. This is consistent with the number of visitors or page impressions, which strongly and so far each month have doubled. There will soon be a natural brake. It is the selection and the amount of ad markets, which provide for the popularity. Who knows already all or IM that still contribute to the success with fewer ads. So we see that found rarely traded article of a company on a bulletin board, which has only a few listings. But including the requested article and so 2 people in Fulda and Berlin made acquaintance and handled by a commercial content.

The occasion for the creation of the website was the bad experience of a founder with auctions. As he twice despite payment received not ware interested none for it at the auction site, he decided again to Exchange commodity against money and offers to look at regional. That also led to the area search for vehicle registration, because finally 14 places of Andechs hide behind the license plate for Starnberg (STA) to Worthsee, which are all within easy reach and thus offer the opportunity to look at the goods prior to purchase and only then to buy or to refrain. The postage required by the providers at auctions often easily cover the gasoline costs. The number of listings has increased to in the last 3 months from about 4 million to nearly 12 million, and small regional markets, such as, a market that has currently more than 6,000 listings are offered in addition to the major markets. Contrary to the habits of the markets, to keep high the number of advertisements, a listing is kept at maximum a month, in the automotive sector not more than 21 days.

Is then deleted, the possibility of an extension does not exist. She could only by the new task in a market or that now by several markets offered “push up” be carried out. When pushing high usually charges offered that listing to bring back to the first page. The statistics show the most different listing numbers of the individual federal States. Berlin 2.297.327 Lower Saxony 2.063.903 Saxony 1.196.145 brandenburg 1.049.350 Saxony-Anhalt 979.495 hamburg 922.992 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 674.141 North Rhine-Westphalia 582.168 nationwide 480.635 Schleswig-Holstein 421.613 mtbthueringen 403.138 Bavaria 236.559 Baden-Wurttemberg 223.767 hessen 177.703 Rhineland-Palatinate 85.098 bremen 19.008 saarland 18.444 the highest number of advertisements of the automotive market, followed by real estate and job vacancies. Furniture and living around 200.00 advertisements and clothing & accessories are as popular, such as baby & child matters. The founder of the page say from personal experience, that most things for half of the original price to be acquired. Of course, you can find these things also on Google, because finally, the ads are positioned very well by abdato, but is the subtle difference that Google the concept bike about 7 million offers in Germany has and is from the Nokia bicycle Charger Kit up to the Sattelwarmer everything possible behind, while “only” 20,000 bicycles can be found at abdato. Strong forward, the categories of giving and sharing, and coupons & bargains have emerged. Together, over 200,000 listings are available. Each listing leads to the original market and thus on the market, to which the advertisement belongs. The company abdato funded by the advertising revenue of the page, obtained significantly higher than Google AdSense. Joachim Sellin

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