More Website Conversion – Online Sales By Presenting Relevant Content

Affordable behavioral targeting for improving website conversion – increasing site revenue London 18 may, 2010 Popupbooster, a new dynamic content targeting solution is being launched by Engago Technologies Ltd. Popupbooster allows serving of relevant visitor tailored content without large upfront investments, major modifications to existing Web site and high running costs. On the Internet a site of has only a few seconds or pages to: capture the visitor’s interest make them stay on the site of for more page views: Web site sticky, convince them to make a purchase leave their contact details convert them into leads previously this child of targeting could only be solved by implementing expensive and complex content management system requiring experienced consultants resulting in hard to rollback changes to the site. Popupbooster solves this problem by offering easy to manage easy to design, flexible popups and overlays that appear on conditions related to: the visit characteristics the search characteristics reference site while the idea of popups might trigger memories of spam-infested sites, the rise of these techniques is Lakes on more than 80% of the top 100 sites where they are implemented as popups, top bars, bottom bars and dynamic overlaying techniques which can range from being very subtle (not recognizable as popup) to aggressive attention catcher… Most web services (online forms, surveys, email opt – in), media and widgets can be embedded with relative ease expanding the possibilities beyond text and images. Additionally the appearance can be triggered only when certain conditions are met, and limiting the number of appearances for avoiding annoyance for the regular visitors while still being engaging to new or otherwise bouncing visitors. In order to be able to test different versions adequate analytics, statistics and click-through recording are provided. This instant feedback mechanism and the easy to manage interface allows instant iterations to enhance the message and thus the visitor’s involvement.

For more information on popupbooster please visit: where you can sign up for a 30 day free trial or a limited free account. Concerning Engago Technologies Ltd. Engago technologies is a leading provider of on-demand lead generation, visitor conversion and customer retention by delivering actionable information for businessmen to drive new business, increase revenue for all industries.Engago Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company headquartered nearby London, UK and what winner red herring 100 Europe in 2008.

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