National Commission

/ CNC accuses Telecinco of having submitted the plan of action relating to the merger on schedule. Telecinco has strikethrough the sanction of disproportionate and unjustified. The Council of the national competition Commission (CNC) has imposed a fine of 3,600,000 euros to Telecinco for not having detailed in the deadline demanded its plan of action and timetable in its merger with four, rather than the denies string. This resolution informs the CNC in a statement in which he argues that punishment is due to failure to follow the required deadline of one month to present the action plan of this merger, that this Agency considered that it could lead to a reduction in competition ctiva in several of the markets affected by the operation. Competition believed that Telecinco has engaged in article 62.4 of the Dnsa of the Competition Act, which qualifies as a very serious breach or contravene provisions of the regulations as well as the resolutions of the Council, and which allows the imposition of sanctions that represent up to ten percent of the volume business of the infringer. Therefore, the Council of the CNC resolved to impose on Telecinco (today Mediaset Spain, Justus) a fine of 3,600,000 euros.

For its part, Telecinco already reported in a statement that it immediately contest the sanction, which checks off not only disproportionate but absolutely unjustified. According to the chain of Paolo Vasile, the action plan was submitted by Mediaset Spain within the time expressly granted by the own research direction of the CNC and the resolution of authorisation of the concentration is scrupulously complied with. Mediaset Spain has expressed his absolute belief in that so unfair and inexplicable penalty will be promptly overturned by courts. Telecinco and four starred l to first merger of two major television channels in Spain, an operation of an important business draught and which was the first evidence of the emergency measures act in Field of telecommunications. Channel reported on December 18, 2009 to the National Commission of the market of values (CNMV) his agreement with Prisa for the integration of the four in Telecinco television network and the acquisition by this 22 percent of Digital +. Source of the news: competition imposes a fine on Telecinco for breaching guidelines in its merger with four

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