National Conference Marketing

Held in Madrid on 18 October in IFEMA North Convention Center, the National Marketing and sales Madrid 2011 Congress was a success business. Organized by Interban Network, the National Congress of Marketing and sales Madrid 2011 condensed in a single day the papers necessary to provide an overview of this sector related to advances in technology and mainly society that goes from each of the professional areas. Markarte, marketing and communications agency, was invited to the event as an agency of the sector with a very oriented towards new technologies and online media profile. They were addressed, from tools of management, implementation and monitoring, to current and expected future trends in the short term for migrating solutions to most current devices, most used, most agile and with greater possibilities, being also more economic and accessible to a greater number of companies, even today in these difficult moments that pass through the most companies in Spain. According to Markarte: Profitable and provide greater efficiency to each share of sales and marketing, is one of the challenges to beat today, implementing a varied combination of elements that address optimally the approach to new customers for its uptake.

You also of vital importance in these moments the loyalty of clients, attending also email marketing tools well studied and segmented to get a good return on investment. The need for specialists in these new professional areas, was also debated in this Congress, since there is currently no formal training, due to the speed and velocity in which this sector progresses, so it is essential to break down borders and give with specialists who can prove strictly an empirical experience in this professional profile. Social networks, also occupied its space, while still difficult to estimate the importance and relevance that have in terms of campaigns of marketing and sale results refers. Although expectations are very optimistic, there are to know very well how to use these channels and what a very well studied strategic plan previously. Let us hope that next year we will have such good speeches like this to go forward with tools, actions and trends in the market in this professional sector.

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