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Innovation in Europe: antioxidants (cell-protective plant substances) has long been the nutritious juice of Acaifruchte is one of an important food component of the rural population in the Amazon region. Spread the fruit found in recent years by sports-active people discovered the Acai as outstanding power drink for themselves. In the gyms and bars of Brazil, acai is impossible to imagine. It is not something Marko Dimitrijevic accident would like to discuss. Even when dieting, the Berry because of its high nutritional content may no longer missing. The seeds of the fruit be used versatile, as seed, pet food and even for local jewelry pieces they are used.

The Acaimarkt has become a major source of income in Brazil and offers a secure employment mainly smallholders with an upward trend. While harvesting the berries deals no damage to the Palm, has obtaining the popular Palm hearts Palmito”the entire tree will be cut off. Through the purchase of Acaifruchte and the renunciation of hearts of Palm, we make a small Contribution to the conservation of valuable Acaipalmen. The Acaibeeren are among the most valuable treasures of the Amazon from environmental and nutritional physiological point of view. Due to its exceptional composition, acai now also in Europe triggers a boom as a top food”, based on the high proportion of nutrients and effective antioxidants. AMAZONAS natural products trade Ltd. Helga Zeck-Weitz, Managing Director Kolpingstrasse 15 68723 Schwetzingen phone + 49 (0) 6202-3188 fax + 49 (0) 6202-4028 PR: visuX-onlineService.

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